Terry Davis A.K.A. UnaVerSoul KING

Terry Davis is a native of Chattanooga,Tn. Growing up in East Lake Courts Housing Projects by a single mom was Terry's motivation to Keep Dreaming, Never Quit and to Help others. As a kid he use to remember walking to school and seeing the Homeless people living in the woods next to the highway.Although being raised in a tough and rough enviroment from gangs to drugs Terry never lost the passion to want to help others and be the voice of the voiceless.After turning down a college scholorship to join the United States Navy. Terry was on a voyage to sail around the world and met many people from many country's.Late nights sailing across the oceans of the world is where Terry started his passion for writing some of his most personal and soul riviting poems.Not knowing this would be his unique way to paint the world his inner thoughts.He was able to get notice by his peers and some music artist to which he has written songs for. Terry is currently the Founder and CEO of UnaVerSoul Vibes Entertainment which manages and coach upcoming artist/musicians.Terry is also a writer and his publishing is with B.M.I.

Keep Up With the Soul

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